Dumbo Waterfront Engagement Session on Film| Alynna + Paul

Laughing couple seated at Brooklyn coffeeshop

Alynna and Paul’s Dumbo waterfront engagement session was nothing short of a dream.

Last month, Jess and I had the pleasure of taking portraits of Alynna and Paul.  Alynna is a talented film photographer herself, so it was an absolute honor to be asked to capture these two and their love. Since Alynna shoots film, it was a no-brainer that most of their session would also be on film. I shot the majority of these images on 35mm film, and Jess shot Super 8mm. These two live in Brooklyn, so Jess and I took the quick trip down there and met them at the Dumbo waterfront to start. 

It was a pretty warm day, but down at the waterfront it was super windy. But these two didn’t let that stop them from being absolute naturals in front of the camera. In fact, it actually kind of worked in our favor because we basically had the whole area to ourselves! Throughout the whole session, we hardly even had to direct Alynna and Paul. It’s clear that they have so much fun being together, and their joy is infectious. From this location, you have the entire Manhattan skyline as a backdrop and it’s incredible.

If you’re tying the knot or want to capture your love on film in Dumbo or any other part of New York – I’m your girl. Contact me here and let’s get planning!

And now without further ado – the photos!

After shooting their engagement photos at the Dumbo Waterfront, we decided to head further into Brooklyn.

After we were finished at the waterfront, we took a little stroll around Brooklyn. We ended up finding this incredible little alleyway that was really quiet and lined with lovely brownstones. We couldn’t resist stopping there for some photos, as well. It was a little oasis of green in the city because it was next to a park and the lovely plants in people’s backyards were spilling over their fences into the street. 

We eventually made our way to one of Alynna and Paul’s favorite local coffee shops where we took a break for some matcha. The seating area outside the cafe was so cute we ended up taking a few photos there too! Paul grew up in Brooklyn and Alynna has lived there since college, and they love going to the different restaurants and coffee shops in their neighborhood. 

If you liked these photos, be sure to stay tuned for the second part of their session! And check out the Super 8 film at the bottom of the post!

Man and woman embrace in film photograph
Film photo of fiancés smiling at each other
Couple lovingly embraces on film
Engaged man and woman pose in NYC
Film photograph of Brooklyn couple
Engagement photo on film of couple in New York City
New York engaged couple embraces on film
Fiancé lifts up his fiancée in Brooklyn
Loving man and woman embrace to celebrate their engagement
Film photograph of couple embracing in NYC
Brooklyn architecture surrounds engaged couple
Film photo of engaged partners walking in NYC
Brooklyn couple laughs together on film
Loving couple walking together in Brooklyn
Engaged people linking arms and smiling
Couple about to kiss on film
Brooklyn couple sit on a stoop
Engaged couple on NYC stoop pose for film photo
Loving pair laugh together
Couple kisses on the streets of Brooklyn captured on film
NYC engaged couple sit together
Engagement photo in New York
Couple sits together on stoop in Brooklyn
Engaged couple share a coffee in NYC
Brooklyn pair sit together captured on film
Couple looking at each other lovingly
A Brooklyn couple share a kiss in front of a coffee shop
NYC couple sit together celebrating their engagement
Film photo of engaged couple
Engagement of New York man and woman sitting together in Brooklyn
Couple laughs together captured on film
Film photograph of couple looking at each other
Seated couple prepare to kiss captured on film
Black and white film photograph of Brooklyn man and woman
Two people laugh together celebrating their engagement in NYC

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