Nightime Brooklyn Engagement Session on Film | Alynna and Paul

Brooklyn couple laughs together on film

Working with Paul and Alynna for their Brooklyn engagement session was a dream start to finish.

If you missed Part 1 of this session on the blog, check it out here because you are going to want to see it. Paul grew up in Brooklyn and Alynna has lived there for nearly a decade, and they wanted their session to pay tribute to some of their favorite spots. So after we wandered around on the Dumbo waterfront area for a little while, we made our way over to Cobble Hill where Paul spent his childhood. His mother owns a laundromat there that has the coolest interior (it has even been featured in movies!) and we decided to do some portraits there. It was one of the most unique backdrops we have ever used for a session, and we had so much fun shooting there! We even spent a few minutes having Paul wheel Alynna around in a laundry cart. 

After a quick outfit change into some amazing formal attire, we took some additional portraits at the laundromat and then decided to go outside to do some night portraits. The city was the perfect place to take night portraits because of all the interesting artificial light. Between streetlights, the light from storefronts, direct flash, and even the light from neon signs, there were endless options. 

If you’re getting married or want to capture your love on film in Brooklyn or elsewhere – I’m your girl. Contact me here and let’s start chatting!

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite photos from the session, and don’t forget about their Super 8mm film at the end of the post.

Film photo of vintage sign in Brooklyn laundromat
NYC couple celebrates their engagement displayed in a vignette
Bride-to-be holds hands with her fiancé over table in New York
Film photo with motion blur of couple being silly together in a laundromat

Although I have shot a lot of my personal work on 35mm film for years, it’s only been recently that I incorporated it into my work for clients. This was one of the first shoots I did using only film, and I won’t lie. It was exciting but also a little nervewracking. There’s something comforting about getting the immediate feedback that digital gives you – especially in more unusual situations like night photography. It was a little bit out of my comfort zone to shoot with a different film stock than I usually use in different conditions than I am used to. I held my breath when I got the email from Indie Film lab that my scans were ready. But then they ended up being some of my favorite photos from the whole session. It’s been a lesson in trusting my gear and my skillset to rely primarily on film. So here’s to more growth and experimentation this year, and working with clients who welcome it.

Dramatically posed engaged couple stands in front of Brooklyn neon
NYC couple smiles at each other, embracing on the streets of New York
Black and white film photo of smiling couple walking down the city street
Brooklyn couple poses inside of vintage laundromat
NYC man and woman look at each other lovingly, captured on film in black and white
Brooklyn woman caresses the face of her fiancé among sewing supplies
New York couple to be wed laughs together as they run around a laundromat
NYC woman dramatically looks ahead, captured on film
Film photograph of a New York couple posing among vintage decor
Film photograph of man and woman symmetrically standing on opposite sides of a laundromat aisle
Man pushes his fiancée in a laundry basket in Brooklyn laundromat
Film portrait of engaged couple dramatically posed in front of laundry machines
Two film photos of hands coming together to clasp lovingly
NYC woman looks longingly at her future groom inside a local business
Woman smiles at her fiance inside a vintage New York City laundromat
Brooklyn couple embraces, captured on film
Film photo of engaged couple embracing
Dramatic neon lights surround a man and woman on a NYC street
Film photo of a couple smiling and hugging in front of a storefront window at night in Brooklyn
New York couple hugs amid the city lights
Film portrait of couple celebrating their engagement
Couple stands among washing machines and houseplants in vintage NY laundromat
Stylish Brooklyn couple poses near vintage candy vending machines
Film photo of kissing couple celebrating their engagement
Bride-to-be is laughingly pushed in laundry cart
Film photo of engaged couple sharing a passionate embrace
Brooklyn woman smiles at her husband-to-be
Engaged couple poses in Brooklyn laundromat captured on film
Black and white film photo of woman laughing while she is pushed in a cart by her love
Engaged man and woman stand side by side in front of vintage washing machines
Smiling couple clasps hands over a table in Brooklyn laundromat
Film photo of two hands reaching towards each other with slight vignette
Man embraces woman amid sewing supplies, looking at the camera, captured on film
Profile film photo of couple embracing outside NYC storefront
New York neon lights illuminate an engaged couple in each others' arms on the street
Portrait of future bride on film
Shoes of an engaged couple in front of vintage candy vending machine in Brooklyn
New York City woman caresses her fiancé's face, captured on film
Brooklyn couple poses inside vintage storefront
Engaged man and woman look at each other happily on the streets of New York
Woman laughs while being pushed in a cart by her future husband
Side by side portrait of man and woman in front of vintage washing machines in Brooklyn
Woman laughs in laundry cart while fiancé pushes her playfully
Film photograph of engaged couple double exposure
Neon lit film portrait of couple to be wed
Couple laughs while walking at night in Brooklyn
Man and woman embrace in New York
Engaged couple poses for film photograph
Film photograph on a Brooklyn street of engaged couple in front of neon sign
Man and woman pose in vintage Brooklyn laundromat
Couple laughs together while playing around in Brooklyn laundromat
Film portrait of stylish NYC engaged couple
New York City couple walks down the street at night holding hands
Film portrait of Brooklyn man and woman
Woman smiles and laughs while being playful with her fiancé
Engaged couple hug each other in the evening in New York City
Couple look at each other on either sides of a table, shown symmetrically on film
Film portrait of engaged couple embracing
Brooklyn couple holds hands on the street at night with neon lights above
Brooklyn man and woman hug each other amongst washing machines
Engaged couple embraces next to thriving houseplant
Fashionable NYC couple poses together for film photo
Couple holds hands leaning over opposite sides of a table
Brooklyn couple kisses over table in vintage laundromat
Laughing fiancée is pushed in laundry cart, captured on film

Film portrait of couple to be wed, holding hands and looking at camera
Red neon illuminated portrait of engaged couple captured on film
Nighttime film photo of New York City couple kissing on the street
Engaged couple laughs together in vintage NYC laundromat
Man and woman look through round glass, black and white film photo
Woman leans against vintage candy vending machine while resting her arm on her fiancé
Man and woman embrace lovingly
Film photo of couple dancing to celebrate their engagement in Brooklyn
Brooklyn couple holds hands on city street

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