North Shore Family Photos on Film

I originally met Amy and Joe when I photographed their wedding back in 2016. Amy and I have kept in touch since then, and they recently welcomed their adorable daughter into their family. So I was thrilled when Amy wanted me to take some family photos of them exclusively on film.

I’ve documented my own life on film for years, but it has only been recently that I have allowed myself to bring it into my client work. For some reason, I always told myself that clients wouldn’t want film photos. But since this year and doing a lot of inner work, I have resolved to be more authentically myself in my business. So having clients like Amy and Joe who have allowed me to experiment and do analog portraits with them has been amazing.

We met up at a small park north of Boston and it ended up having a gorgeous field. It was so lovely to see them and watch them interact with their daughter, and the rain in the forecast held off until just after we finished their session. Some photos and their family film on vintage VHS are below for you to enjoy!

I’m taking on a limited number of analog family sessions this winter and spring, so if you’d like me to document your family get in touch! I can’t wait to chat.

a family waves at the camera during their family portrait session
a mother holds her daughter in a field and looks into the camera
a family poses for a family portrait on film
parents lift their baby into the air while laughing
a family poses for portraits on film in a field
a family sits in a field in Massachusetts during a portrait session
a mother and father cuddle their daughter during a family session on film
a double exposure of flowers and a family taken on film
parents look lovingly at their daughter during a fall family portrait session
a family posing for portraits on film
a family poses for analog portraits
a portrait of a family in a field taken on a holga
a mother holds her daughter while standing in a field
a father holds his daughter in a field in Massachusetts
a portrait of a family on film with motion blur
a mother and father cuddle their child in a field near Boston
parents giving their daughter a kiss on the cheek
a father carries his child through a field
a baby looks directly into the camera while her parents look at her
a mother holds her child and laughs while standing in a field
parents playing with their daughter during a portrait session in a field
a family walks through a field in Massachusetts
parents lift their baby into the air playfully
a family poses for film portraits in autumn
parents hold their baby and stand near the forest
a close up shot of a mother and father with their baby

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