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Brides hold hands and look at each other situated in a brightly colored room full of vintage decorations

Step into nostalgia for this colorful vintage style elopement.

Olivia and J are wonderful, and I was so honored to photograph them this past spring. We did a styled elopement shoot together in the coolest location just outside of Boston.

First, the two brides recited letters to each other in a park under a huge tree. Their words to each other were so beautiful and you can tell just how much these two love each other.

Then, the festivities continued in a cozy home that was brimming with vintage furniture and decor. The entire house was styled with bright colors and vintage pieces. It was like stepping back in time! The home exuded Old Hollywood glamour, and it was absolutely the perfect backdrop. J and Olivia showcased their impeccable style with J wearing her gorgeous wedding suit and Olivia wearing a chic white dress and a flouncy pink one from Selkie. Olivia even brought her mother’s own vintage veil for some shots, which was so fun. After we hung out and took portraits around the house, the brides cut a cake and toasted with champagne.

I also loved the vintage vibes of this location because they were perfect for shooting a lot of film! I shot a mix of 35mm and 120 film, and I mostly used Kodak Portra 400. I’ve been increasingly loving shooting film at weddings. There’s just something about it that I adore.

If you’re getting married in Boston or worldwide, and you want us to capture it on film and digital, reach out! We would love to chat!

A captivating film photograph showcasing intricate wedding details, with a nostalgic touch and fine grain characteristic of analog film.
A creatively composed film photograph showcasing the vibrant and offbeat wedding decor, adding a touch of personality and whimsy to the occasion.
Against the backdrop of nature's beauty and with clasped hands, the brides' vows intertwine
Two brides stand beneath a majestic tree, their heartfelt vows whispered in the breeze
In the soft glow of natural light, the brides exchange vows under a towering tree, their genuine emotions captured on timeless film
Boston brides laugh together as they walk through a field at their elopement
Two brides embrace and smile at each other, captured on film
Hand in hand, the brides embark on a romantic stroll through the sunlit field, their candid moments cherished forever in the grain of film
Film photograph of brides walking together on their wedding day in Boston
Boston brides stand before a large tree holding a wedding bouquet
Film photograph of brides exchanging vows at their elopement
In a black and white film photograph, one bride twirls gracefully in her dress, capturing the sense of joy and movement against the backdrop of a sprawling field and grand tree.
Eloping brides hold hands together in a Boston field
Massachusetts couple stands together by a tree on their wedding day
A bouquet takes center stage in the bride's graceful hand, its vibrant colors blooming like a masterpiece on the textured canvas of film.
The brides' laughter dances through the air as they walk side by side, their carefree steps recorded on the delicate emulsion of film.
In a vintage-inspired frame, the brides traverse the field, their journey captured on film, an ode to their everlasting love
Their love blossoms under the sheltering branches of a majestic tree, a stolen kiss forever etched on the film's delicate chemistry
Amidst nature's embrace, the brides share an intimate kiss, the film preserving their passion and tenderness in its timeless medium.
Two brides walk together holding hands at their elopement
The brides' personalities shine through as they strike a pose with a bouquet, the film capturing their unique style and natural elegance
Double exposure film photograph of vintage wedding details
Boston brides sit together in a vintage style bedroom
Film photograph of brides looking at each other after their wedding
Two brides hold hands on a bed in a vintage inspired room
Direct flash film photo of a vintage wedding suite
Bride prepares for her vintage wedding
Reflection of bride laughing is shown through a vintage mirror, captured on film
Film photograph of bride with her wedding perfume
Brides get ready for their elopement
A film photograph of two brides in a vintage room smiling together
A bride places a veil on her partner for their elopement
Film photo of brides laughing together in a vintage Boston room
Massachusetts couple dance together at their elopement
Eclectic décor surrounds to brides as they prepare to be wed
Boston bride applies lipstick prior to her elopement
Film photo of a bridal bouquet shown through a vintage mirror
Film photograph of brides leaning together to kiss at their vintage elopement
Bride poses in her veil amid vintage decorations at her Massachusetts elopement
Film portrait of smiling bride on her wedding day
New England brides laugh together, captured on film
Two brides sit together on a vintage leopard print couch
Boston brides laugh together at their elopement
A bride prepares for her elopement in a vibrantly decorated room
Brides sit together and smile at their elopement
Vintage bride kisses her partner at their Boston elopement
Film photograph of two brides at their vintage wedding
New England brides sit together romantically in a vintage styled room
Bright colors of a vintage elopement, captured on film
Film photograph of brides laughing together at their wedding
Brides smile together at their Boston elopement
Film portrait of two brides on their wedding day
Brides sit together smiling at their vintage elopement, captured on film
Vintage elopement details including dessert and drinks, captured on film
Film photograph of vintage wedding details
Brides laugh together while cutting their wedding cake, captured on film
Film photograph of a vintage elopement where they are cutting the cake
Vintage brides kiss as they cut the wedding cake at their New England elopement
black and white film photograph of brides feeding each other wedding cake
Massachusetts brides toast to their marriage, captured on film

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