Boston Engagement Session on Film | Carolyne and Dan

Boston Seaport couple enjoys a celebratory drink together

Meeting Carolyne and Dan for their engagement shoot in Boston was so much fun!

From the very beginning, Carolyne and Dan had a vision for their engagement photos. These two live in Boston and love exploring the city, so they decided they wanted to engagement photos at one of their favorite bars, Lucky’s Lounge.  Lucky’s is in the Seaport and is a really cool bar with a retro theme. There are cool red booths, wood paneling, and tons of fun memorabilia everywhere. It made for such a cool backdrop for engagement photos. 

Carolyne and Dan love photos that have a vintage and editorial look, so we shot a lot of direct flash and film for their session, as well. The dark and cozy bar was the perfect spot for this style of photography. During the session, we chatted and hung out while they grabbed a drink, and we ended up having an interesting chat about engagement photos. Carolyne and Dan both mentioned that when they were originally talking about engagement pictures, they didn’t see themselves in a lot of the photos they saw on pinterest or elsewhere. They couldn’t picture  going to a field at sunset or a random park for more traditional photos and wanted to do something that felt more authentic to them. And I love that! I think couples should give themselves full permission to think outside the box and craft an engagement session that represents who you are as a couple. 

If you want to talk about engagement and wedding photography that feels less like a random pinterest photo and more like YOU – get in touch here! I’d love to talk to you!

Film photo with direct flash of a couple in a Boston bar
Black and white film photo of engaged couple
New England fiancés captured on film smiling at each other
Celebratory cocktails enjoyed by engaged couple
Boston engagement film photograph of couple in local bar
Vintage clock hangs above engaged man and woman in a bar
Boston couple smiles together in a booth in seaport bar
Film photograph of Massachusetts man and woman celebrating their engagement
Black and white film photo of engaged couple laughing
Engaged Boston couple holds hands on black and white film
Fiancé drinks cocktail while her future husband looks on
Direct flash photo of engaged man and woman
Double exposure film photograph of Boston couple in seaport bar
Boston seaport couple enjoys a drink at a local bar to celebrate their engagement
Film photo of engaged couple with direct flash
Man and woman celebrating engagement talks together in a Seaport bar
Woman laughs while her future husband kisses her in a Boston bar
Film photo of Boston couple in black and white
Engaged man and woman lean in for a kiss in a vintage Boston bar illuminated by direct flash
Direct flash photo of engaged couple kissing
Film photograph of drinks and menus in vintage Boston bar
Woman looks at her beloved while the sit together on Seaport bar couch
Direct flash photograph of engaged couple sitting together in a booth
Engaged couple kisses each other in Boston Seaport bar
Black and white film photograph of the clasped hands of an engaged couple
Boston man and woman smile together
Film photograph of engaged couple walking together
Man kisses woman on the forehead while they embrace in a Boston bar
Engaged man and woman kiss, captured on film with direct flash
Boston Couple enjoy drinks to celebrate their engagement
Film portrait of engaged New England couple smiling inside their favorite bar
Man and woman sit together amid vintage decor, captured on film
Film photograph of newly engaged couple sitting together and enjoying each other's company
Engaged woman laughs with her fiancé in Boston bar
Film photo of future bride and groom looking at each other and smiling
Man and woman laugh together celebrating their engagement
Boston Seaport couple pose inside their favorite bar
Man and woman laugh together captured with direct flash
Couple to be wed looks at each other while embracing, captured on film
Direct flash film photo of man and woman celebrating engagement
New England couple embraces in the couch in a vintage bar

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