Charlie and Drake: An Engagement Session in Providence, Rhode Island

I was so excited to meet Charlie and Drake for their engagement session in Providence. I think after their initial phone consult with me, I said something like, “Can I just hang out with you both even if you don’t hire me for your wedding?” They seemed super fun and their story was amazing (also they told me about their cat, and telling me about your pets is a surefire way to make me want to be your friend haha). So I couldn’t wait to talk with them in person. And they definitely didn’t disappoint. We met at a bar in their neighborhood before we started the session, and over a bottle of wine we talked about everything from wedding plans, to how much we like Providence (I spent a good portion of my college years living there), to 14th century literature.

For their photos, we decided to walk around their neighborhood and visit some of their favorite spots. First, they took me to the Providence Athenaeum, which is an absolutely gorgeous building. I was an English major and I am still a big bookworm, so it was a dream location for me. After that, we wandered around Providence near Brown University as the sun set, stopping along the way whenever a particular building or street or beam of light caught our attention. Charlie and Drake knew of a beautiful wall teeming with ivy in an alleyway tucked off a road. So we went there and we were happy to find that it had erupted into autumn color.

Their wedding is in just over a month in Providence, and I already can’t wait for it.

Thanks for being so gracious and kind to me, Drake and Charlie!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Absolutely in love with the Engagement session!!! Love New England and its providence vibes!!!!

  2. What a stunning. New England engagement session! I am in love with all of the images and couldn’t pick a favorite. You captured their love so well

  3. Sarah Davis says:

    This engagement session is stunning! I love all those New England vibes — you did a great job photographing their relationship!

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